In Honor of Banned Books Week


Some of you may know that tomorrow begins Banned Books Week, which is an annual celebration of your right to read whatever you want, as well as an attempt to create awareness of where books are currently trying to be removed from schools and libraries. This year, the emphasis is on comics. Comics…


Supernatural season 8 is coming to DVD tomorrow! Make sure you pick up your copy so you’ll be ready for the Season 9 premiere Oct. 8! 

This visual will guide you on your path of good or evil.

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We’re pretty sure that sleeping in an Adventure Time Bedroom guarantees you’ll have awesome dreams. Shelbi and her sons love Adventure Time so much that she transformed her kids’ bedroom into the Land of Ooo.

Click here to read about the room redecoration process.

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EU QUERO!!!!!!!!!!!

~ desenhar no quarto <3 ~


Pixelated Sculpture of Little Girl Appears at Train Station

Artist Luke Jerram has created a pixelated sculpture of his daughter Maya using an Xbox Kinect, aluminum sheets and more than 5,000 colored stickers for an art project that now stands on Platform 1 at Bristol Temple Meads train station in the U.K.

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Taiwan High Speed Rail turned the latest train into the world’s first Cartoon Network theme train.

Had a great time riding it, though somehow it seems that parents are more excited then the kids…

Holly glob! This is awesome dude!